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Simple Hand Magic

Does anyone think even for a minute that Trump’s shout out on abortion was anything less than a planned distraction to take the news cycle away from the the rage over theft of the elections from Bernie that are just fucking rampant at the moment?

clintons lie.jpg

Stop being sheep, it’s got to be hurting you to be led around by your nose, so pull your head out of your ass and pay attention.

While You're in Prison.jpg

You should know by now that what’s going on here is when one hand is waving around wildly it’s because the other hand is doing something that someone somewhere doesn’t want you to see.



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The Alamo, Pearl Harbor, and Hillary?

My prediction for 2016? “Fuck Hillary Clinton and the DNC” will become the “Remember the Alamo” and the “Remember Pearl Harbor” of the 21st century.

that word means

Effective today this will also be my email signature file. Feel free to copy and paste this if you think that it resonates with you.


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To Broadly Go?

I just saw a photo of Hillary speaking today at Stanford University. She was wearing what looks like a crappy yellow piece of wardrobe from a no budget knock-off version of a Star Trek film. Sadly for me and Berniacs everywhere, her tunic from the dyspeptic future was not red in color. Not that I’m suggesting anything ;< ) since that would be a possible violation of the law and I’ll leave that to Bill and Hill, the masters of shaping the legal system into the shape of an enema. 

However, here’s a photo of a coffee cup that Hillary may have taken by “accident” after she was the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony at the University of North Texas, she feels that she earned it since they only paid her $200,000.00 for her 12 minute lecture on how to pay off student loans quickly by borrowing the cash from your parents, just like everyone else does.

cunt tea cup

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According To The Good Book?

What biblical character would you suppose that Hillary Clinton could really identify with? Even though she’s an absolute certified Shiksa, I’m going with the Jew we know as Moses. 

hillary accomplished

Hillary got so damn close to the promised land (otherwise known as the Oval Office) that she could probably smell it, but it’s slowly pulling out of her reach and moving on down the road without her in it.


Maybe it’s just as well, that desk she could see herself sitting at once likely had Monica Lewinsky crouched down under it, and you could be sure that would have to be a serious bug in the deal for her.

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Bill, Hillary’s Official Anchor?

In the pile of just plain wrong ideas floating around the internet, the waste of time for Bernie’s followers to post deservedly earned but unnecessary crap about Trump has to be near the top.

The Donald's Do

I’m thinking that this is an idea put out by Hillbots to get energy diverted from anti hillary efforts and put against a guy that basically is 100% the republican’s problem until the primary elections are over and we move to the real deal, the general election.

On a positive note, when the story finally breaks about Bill Clinton using whatever hours he isn’t using to block voting precincts flying off and making use of his buddy billionaire Jeffery Epstein’s halfway house island for underage girls all of the above will prove moot.


Oh Beeeel, it’s Yuuuuuge!

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iVote, Make Mine A Mac!

The comparison to the computer world is clear,

Consider Bernie to be the original and creative one, the Mac

And $hillery is that major fail stumbling along copy, the PC

kaypro1And of course there’s always Trump’s  input

That being said,

When you have to get stuff done, there’s only one choice….



March 19, 2016 at 5:59 am 1 comment

Super Tuesday, Again!

Yup, today’s yet another big one on the speed bump strewn path to the white house.

Somehow, I need to get the word to Bernie on how he can get one more very significant vote in the election. Bernie needs to let hilLIARy find out that he, Bernie, has voted for himself, Bernie, and with past being prologue as she’s done endless times, hilLIARy will change her vote to copy his.

warmly hillary

Simple, huh?

On to another point, it’s still amazing to me how many people who owe a HUGE debt to the Donald don’t realize that he’s the one who is primarily responsible for the electoral cock-blocking of Ted (whatever his real name is) Cruz out of the running. You should understand that the Canadian born a-hole with Cuban ancestry is actually the one (since Rubio has spun off into nowheresville) real danger to America.

As much as I don’t care for trump, I know that he’s nowhere as dangerous to the future safety  of Americans as hilLIARy is, there’s no way that he will gamble with potentially losing all of his $ billions $ and jump us into a war, whereas hilLIARy is a documented pathological psychotic who automatically lies even when she doesn’t need to and wants to demonstrate exactly who has possession of the balls in the Clinton family.

Time will tell if Americans actually read the news or just exist, as I used to say when I was a photographer, “Let’s see what develops“…….

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