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What he said!

Read this, and when you’re finished, see if you can refute it.

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Welcome back, and……….

Yeah, me neither.

The true pity is that almost all of our high end politicians are or were lawyers, and incarceration is a byproduct of many of these people plying their trade (I know, plying sounds like “Lying”, sort of like how “Lawyers” sounds like “Liars”).

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More than I had imagined….

In a previous post, I opined that a few major reasons for our expanding economic disaster, other than those which have been brought on by the constant bumbling of our moron president, are happening off camera, so that our unseen government could work to close off the entitlement programs that they are not able to touch otherwise because of public support. For example, should the budget be pissed away on an endless war in West Bumfucistan, or stuffed into the pockets of friends of, let’s say the (Bush Crime) family, well then, there’s just nothing available for all of those needy bastards, piss on them……

The trickle down theory made simple:

It’s just how gravity works, now do you get it? 
Some of the programs that they had been unable to get shut down in spite of years of trying include Social Security, Head Start Education, Food Stamps, Medicare (which Ronald Reagan saw as pure socialism), etc, etc. This is the sort of stuff that the mega rich have no need for and don’t want others to get, they feel that you can’t raise yourself higher than the crowd without pushing others down. Also, when you are able to keep the poor undereducated and in constant debt from medical bills and other financial trauma, then you can jerk them around forever. Or until they learn about the revolutions in France and Russia.

Well, another cause that I had completely overlooked has now become obvious to me. If they’re able to break the budgets of the individual states, there will then be a huge gain in the controls that can be placed by the feds on problematic (for the federal government) state level issues like medical marijuana use, equal voting requirements, worker safety, etc…. this done by using the threat of removal of federal funds from states that go against the fed’s grain on such issues. And the states have an almost uniform budget crunch going on now, what with the loss of taxes because of the economy. An infinite loop if you will.

Yep, this another work in progress, with more to be added soon. So, stop by a little later to read the thrilling non-conclusion to a problem that isn’t going away in our lifetime.

Here’s a link for this page should you like to forward it to either someone you care about, or perhaps someone you’d like to piss off, whichever one happens to apply:

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MoreOn MoveOn, and the MorOn’s who hate it.

In yesterdays (Sept. 21, 2007) L.A. Times, the following gem was written by that household name in politics, Tina Daunt. It was printed in the Calendar section, where all fans of government policy look to see what’s new and happening:

“Opposing the war is one thing, but becoming too shrill is something else entirely. That’s the lesson Hollywood took from Vietnam: You could oppose the war as a policy, but you couldn’t appear to oppose the troops charged with carrying the fight.”


O.K., I’m done puking now…..

Ms. Daunt, Thank you so much for speaking for all of Hollywood, and letting us know what it has learned. As I’m sure you know, we are so under-reported in respect to our beliefs here in tinsel town that it’s great to see them spelled out for the world to see.

“Oppose the troops charged with carrying the fight”?

MoveOn has not made in any way or in any form an insult to the actual fighting troops, the ones that will have to take the hit.

The last up close and personal contact with the enemy Gen. Dave saw took place more decades ago than the number of years that most of the dead and injured in this war were in the military.

Petraeus is far from carrying the fight, much less even seeing it. It seems that he’s been driving the war by remote control, much the same way Bush is moving him around on a tight leash, saying things in talking points.

Just because someone is in the military, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically grant them honor, or even less that you should trust them.

3 morons to go

In the photo above, Rummy was called the one with no courage, but it should be noted that both Bush and Cheney dodged the draft and avoided serving in Vietnam. I’m not all that sure about “Condi”, she’s the only one of the four I’d be worried about meeting in a dark alley at night.

Unless she was there professionally of course.

Here’s a great (but really scary) read:

The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

It’s written by Naomi Wolf, and is perfect for an overview of what’s really happening now.

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