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When you’re deep in crap…

….there’s often a chance that a great opportunity will show up. This is more or less what Napolean Hill wrote about 80 years ago. Yeah, more or less.

In the near future, for anyone who has produced some up to this point unmarketable piece of crap film that’s been sitting on a shelf in their garage, it seems that your ship may be about to come in.

Hopefully you won’t be sitting and waiting at the airport.

The reality is, there has been little or no feature film work for many of us on the crew side of things for most of the last year.

This is because the threat of a SAG strike since last June has made it almost impossible for studios or whoever wants to make a large budget feature to get a production bond, and without one of these it’s difficult to get insurance, which makes it near to impossible to get financing, even in a good economy. Which we don’t have. Not even close.

Which is nowhere in sight as of today.

So, once the pipeline is drained, there will be a great demand for new “product” (that’s a polite term for the floaters that have been made and not released) to screen at all those multiplexes and on cable / satellite T.V.


Could this mean that Gary “Abuseee” Busey will work again?

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Nothing Works And No One Cares…

If you want to argue with the title of this post, just click into the comments section below.

Yes, I’m still waiting.

Big  business continues with its mission to replace experience with youth (a.k.a. cheaper labor cost), which is all good and great for the financial picture of some short thinking companies, but it has produced an environment where nothing works and no one seems to care.

There are a few notable exceptions to this paradigm, one being a certain grey haired airline pilot who saved the day for a lot of people by making an unplanned and unrehearsed landing in the Hudson River a while ago.


I’m sure they could have hired a trainee, i.e. a recent graduate from the “Close Cover Before Striking” School Of Flying, who would have been a less expensive hire for the airline, and would have done something.

Maybe something that even worked.


Someone with a shaved head and tattoos, and a piercing or two that just manages to keep out of the way of the headphones?

Oh yeah, no problem here.


If  your pilot had those red eyes, would you still have taken that seat?

Also of note, acceptance of this level of incompetence has become so commonplace that no one seems to mind that people who we expect are there to help us, actually know less than we do, and what they profess to know is often at least a bit flawed, or just plain wrong.


O.K., there’s a certain amount of OFD (Old Fart Disease) that affects this judgement process of mine.

Disclosure, I’m a few months over the age of 40, which as we all know is the new 30.

Further disclosure, the “few months” could also be expressed as perhaps “a bit over 240 months”, except that would confuse those who need a picture of a hamburger on the cash register key they press to enter what you’ve just ordered. And don’t forget about those other keys with the words like “Mayo” with a slash across it to tell the back room burger flipper to “hold the mayo”, or whatever else that you don’t want on said burger.


That sign on the left? Read it and weep (for the future of the country)

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