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A one sentence explanation of Rick Perry

“Don’t ascribe to malice that which is most likely caused by stupidity.”

A photo of one deer caught in an infinite number of headlights,

A look first made famous by the previous Texas Governor

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Who’s going to break the news to Herman?

Isn’t there even a single mirror in any of the “Godfather’s Pizza” restaurants?

Republican wannabe presidential candidate Herman Cain seems to be living large in his own delusional world, and it’s sort of a crazy Bizzaro kind of world in which he thinks that somehow one or more of his tea party “partners” would actually lift a finger to help him in his race for the Oval Office. As you can clearly see, no matter how much his words and actions deny it, the research is so simple that even a teabagger can see  that he’s a black man. And when Herman’s compared to Barack “That guy they love to hate” Obama, it’s an obvious case of  “Black and (much) Blacker”, it’s true, have a look for yourself.

Denial is not a river in…, well, you know!

No one has had the nerve to pull Herman’s sleeve and say “Hey, you’re black”. This may explain why Herman still doesn’t get it that when every time one of his fellow Tea Baggers says:

We have to get Obama out of the White House“, orWe have to get that socialist out of the White House“, or “We have to get that Kenyan out of the White House“, or “We have to get that communist out of the White House“, or “We have to get that death list guy out of the White House“… whatever…..

What they are really saying is “We gotta get that _ _ _ _ _ _  out of the White House”. 

(((Here’s a hint for you: That missing  word starts with the letter “N”, and rhymes with the name of  Roy Rogers horse))).  

And a bit more… Put “House” in front of that mystery word above and click here to see the only known exception to the hard line official Republican  treatment policy for dealing with those ones”,  to paraphrase John McCain.

If you watched any of the candidates debates, you might have noticed that not a single other candidate made eye contact with Herman, much less looked directly at him or referenced any of his ideas.

The answer to why Mr. Cain was even on the stage can be easily explained, but only if we can talk openly about who it was that provided the pizzas to the event.

And by the way, there is now a name for that group of candidates that were part of the debate, and the name is “8 reasons to vote for Obama“.

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How to make Texas Toast

Below is a joke I posted on a popular internet humor site a few days ago.

You’ll usually find funny stuff there, and at random times it may even be from me. That being said, and not just because it’s mine, I especially liked this one:

“Texas Governor Rick Perry has a difficult decision to make, stay the course using only prayer to fight those wild fires that are sweeping across his state, or find some way to justify to his tea party base that using taxes is necessary to fund the fire department.
If he goes one way he may lose votes, if he goes the other he may lose voters. This could get interesting, be sure to bring marshmallows to the next town hall meeting. Assuming there’s still a town hall to hold it in.”

There’ll be a meeting here tonight, not!

My understanding is that it’s been about a year of constant prairie fires converting Texas into one huge open air BBQ, so if it’s true that all prayers are answered, then on occasion the answer must be either “No” or “Come back later, I’m busy”, or maybe “Get outa here kid, ya bother me”.

In what might be the most ironic update of the year, reports in today’s (9-7-11) L.A. Times say that Governor Perry is now complaining that the Federal Government is dragging its feet in providing assistance to Texas, and that FEMA, one of the same parts of the Fed that he has tried to kill off, is not doing all that it could.

As always, all photos on my blog are the property of their owners. 

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