Dear Berners, Berniacs, Bernmeisters, etc..

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I’ve mostly been using this space to pass along jokes and funny images that I’ve found on the web, i.e.


Trump with his first lady, or perhaps not exactly his first lady?

However, after a few months of delays brought about by my need to work (someone has to pay these bills) and getting involved politically with the 2016 election process I’m back and now I’ll use it to bring you very good news, I’ve found an actual political writer without the usual bullshit attitude who is worth reading.

It seems that he’s been hiding his wares under a Lexan basket by working in a web site where no one would think to look for excellence, one that’s know as ““. Yes, I know, for the most part that site’s not much more than an internet version of “The National Enquirer” replete with blinking ads that you’re drawn to by click bait lures such as “a simple trick to lose weight and cure most forms of cancer with household leftovers“, “how to rid yourself of crabs using only lighter fluid and an icepick“, “why you must locate your high school sweetheart and get a restraining order“, etc, etc….  

You get the idea, I hope.

The name of this guy I’m speaking of is Bill Curry, and he’s well worth wading through all of the above crap. Just spend a few minutes looking through his previous columns from the past several months, ones where he very exactly described in clear detail months in advance how the election process is going to play out, and more to the point, precisely how Bernie Sanders was going to pull off the political coup of the century, including calling the Michigan Miracle before anyone else.

Here’s a good one to start with:

It’s true that the fact that he clearly detests Hillary Clinton almost as much as I do is what initially caught my attention, but there’s so much more, and his perspective on each and every one of the candidates is perfect. Read this one from almost 9 months ago about Bernie and Hillary, as I said he really calls them…

This is just the first draft, I’ll be updating this and adding photos and such, please feel free to share this link for it and the subsequent versions as you see fit, and if it pisses you off as it is likely to, also feel free to not come back. It’s probably better for me to say that now before I really get on a rant and you get too irate to find the little delete link.

That being said, I believe that it’s time to grab your ankles and get ready for a bumpy ride on Bernie’s speed bump strewn path to the white house.

B.O.H.I.C.A. and all that.



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