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Slammin’ the Doors? Hey, not me!

Quickly as you can grasshopper, give me the name of any song by any group without a singer named Jim Morrison in it that used any variant of the “Doors” as a name that made it into the top 10….

ah… wait a minute…..  O.K., not counting

that band from Escatawpa, Mississippi

who, if they still exist, might be called 3 Doors Down.

Funny play on words, since there are 3 doors still up.

Hey, you can make that even one song that got into even the top 100, that was made by what’s left of the of the group that was once called “The Doors”, so many years now after the death of James Douglas Morrison.

Jim Morrison

Make no mistake about this, I’m a hard core fan of the group, I bought the first and subsequent albums on vinyl, maybe 8 track (too many trips to recall for sure), cassette, CD, and now I hope finally on iTunes.

Funny “Light My Fire” story: I was on my way to meet with friends for pizza when the long (7+ minutes) cut of the song was played on the radio, on arrival at the restaurant I raved on and on about this psychedelic song I heard that ran forever. Disclosure, I may have been on an “Orange Sunshine” excursion, if you get my drift. Anyway, after leaving the restaurant, the group of us went to a mutual friend’s place and when the radio was turned on, so were we to find the DJ giving an introduction saying that a song from the Doors was just about to play. So we sat down and listened for 2 minutes and something and it was over. As was my credibility for staying real on psychedelics with that group.

Anyway, I saw the group perform on acid (take that either way, both are correct) in venues from a San Fernando Valley high school outdoor concert, to big arena shows. They are still my favorite group without equal. Well, except maybe for the Talking Heads (To me, David Byrne is Jim Morrison the writer / singer re-born).

© JOEL BRODSKYEven Doors use windows (© JOEL BRODSKY)

Supporters of Ray Manzarek and his keyboard, John Densmore playing drums, and Robby Krieger on guitar, say that Morrison wasn’t the “Doors”, and in spite of being the lead singer and songwriter, he was only one forth of the group.

Well, all I can say to that is c’mon baby light my farts!

the doors

O.K., is someone going to produce that body of work made by those remaining three quarters that I requested above?

Yup, a year’s 2 years have gone by and I’m still waiting……..


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