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Easy now, I am / am not a millionaire…

I’ve found the cure for the worries about my financial future, in my back pocket I have the cure for being financially nervous about the rising cost of everything.

I call it my “Schrodinger’s Lotto Card“, and until I check on those results, I’m both broke and rich at the same time…

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Drunk issue, but now it’s about power

In a speech at her rally Hillary Clinton once again brought up the “3 a.m. phone call” idea that failed to get votes for her in her campaign against Barak Obama in 2008, this time indicating that she was the best prepared candidate when she said “Do you know how many times I’ve had to answer the phone at 3 a.m. to find out which bar I had to go to pick up my husband at?”


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Ahhh Progress… (to be updated soon)

I was thinking earlier today about how progress can advance some things while making others fall to the back of the pack, or disappear completely from the scene.

Picture the maker of buggy whips back in the day and what went through his mind as he watched the first car, a horseless carriage in the vernacular, drive by him while he was standing outside his shop slapping his hand with his product. 

horseless carriage

“Hey, there’s no f’n ….”

Do you suppose that a maker of slide rules felt any different when he (I know using the masculine form is going to piss some off, but most of the people I’m speaking about in this article were men) got a chance to try out the first Hewlett Packard (ages before Carly Fiorena sank the company) hand held L.E.D. calculator? He probably thought before the test that he was indestructible because his slide rule was accurate to several decimal points and the cost of the competing device was well over $500.00. Of course the HP could run circles around his machine, or at least it did before the L.E.D.’s ran the battery down but his product had a  huge market lead. Now you can buy far faster and more capable lcd hand held calculators at the .99 cent store for, yep, 99 cents.

hp handheld

I suppose that the stock holders in film companies must have had a laugh when the first digital cameras arrived on the market, I remember that the Nikon Kodak consortium’s DCS200 was around $25,000 for a camera based on an existing Nikon 35mm SLR but with a digital back, it had far less resolution than the cheapest phone you can find today for under $25.00, and it was ungainly to use and so slow to operate that it was nearly useless for anything but non moving product shots. Now except for collectors and people with a masochism streak, the film market is dead and the availability of chemistry to develop film is on the road to being on par with what the Egyptians used to mummify their dearly departed.


So where is all this going? It’s a heads up to alert the world that things are changing far in excess of what Moore’s Law would have predicted about a non number crunching customer based product. 

Not all that long ago the political world was a strictly investor driven operation run by the money world. 

And politicians had only two jobs:

1. Get elected 

and then later on…

2 Get reelected

Said politicians spent (and still do spend) most of their time cold calling wealthy people (some reports say it’s about 70% of their average day in office) asking for donations to get ready for the next election or reelection, and legally only being able to hint about what the money people will get in return for their “donations”.

And then came Bernie,


Now it’s time to grab your seat and hold on…

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