“The Liz And The Lez Show”.

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Dick and Lynne Cheney’s oldest daughter Liz has done what can only be called a preemptive Palin move and quit her run for a senate seat in Wyoming, saying it was due to “serious health issues” in her family. At first people thought it meant that her (true story here) heartless miserable bastard father was finally going to get a long overdue karmic payback for his heinous past and kick the bucket, but further study revealed that what she actually meant was that her family was sick of her. And when I say “sick of her”, I mean puking at the sight of her, much like the rest of America.

Rumor has it that in the past week Liz has been seen knocking on doors and pitching an idea around Hollywood for a sitcom that she wants to call “The Liz And The Lez Show”, which would star her and her openly gay sister Mary. This is an idea which has been described as being so disgusting that even Fox has turned it down. A Fox studio executive, who in an effort to keep his job asked not to be identified said he had a major problem with the basic premise, he felt that people would quickly lose interest in that show as written, since each episode ended with Liz throwing her sister under a bus.

P.S., did anyone else notice that Mr. Cheney has always been referred to as “Dick” in news articles? He could have been called Richard, but nope, even George the Pinheaded One calls him Dick. Note, Dick is usually preceded by the words “That little slimy….”.

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