As Seen On (a) T.V.

May 24, 2009 at 1:22 am Leave a comment

You can almost smell the commercial breaks that are soon to be inserted.

And that thumping sound? Maybe it’s James Cameron turning over in his grave.

O.K., so he’s not dead yet. Perhaps he saw a sneak preview? Who knows?

I’m talking about the latest, and after seeing this, I hope the last of the Terminator Films.


This is no more than an endless chain of shaking shots framed in close ups for TV, interspersed with epic sized explosions that were strung together by truly stupid dialog (and I’m not even including the attempt at humor in using “Arnoldisms”). I don’t remember a shot that showed the floor, much less below the knees, and it’s very obvious that even the two-shots were done as “chokers” to show off any facial emotions that might get lost if it was done in a full shot.

terminator two shotI guess production saved money by not needing to buy shoes?

And Christian Bale? He must be deep into his post grad studies of the Dr. Jack Shephard role that Matthew Fox perfected on “Lost”. The facial stuff like the pensiveness that Fox (not the network) does on the island is made almost bearable by being limited to (in my case) a 40 inch screen, but it’s just so dead wrong on the big screen. Well, that’s if you can call my local multiplex shoebox a big screen.

matthew fox?Go on, tell me you don’t want to call him “Jack”….

Much like Fox attempted to kill off their “Alien” money making chain by giving the controls to David Fincher, a commercial director, so it seems to have gone with using McG on”Salvation”.


I don’t recall waiting for any of the Terminator or Alien films to end.

Sadly, I did today!

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