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August 13, 2007 at 2:23 pm Leave a comment

Just hot off the press, er.. make that fresh off the ‘net!

Another rat announces that he’s about to jump off the sinking ship of state.

The living Pillsbury dough boy, that walking waterbed known as Karl Rove, has announced that he’s leaving his un-elected office soon. Is this because he’s been outed?

Or maybe because he needs to spend some more time with his family? Or with his lawyer?

Here’s an advance question for his eventual (couldn’t be a day too soon for me) funeral:
Will he be buried face down so his friends will recognize him?

Added material early 8-15-07: Showing that Turdblossom will always be his butt boy, good ol’ W had this outpouring of emotion (thanks to

Bush, before heading with his friend of 34 years to start a two-week Texas vacation, said, “We’re still going to be friends … I’ll be on the road behind you here in a little bit.”

“On the road behind you” indeed.

Would that friend be on the Hershey Highway by chance?

Is Karl going to reacharound behind himself from now on?

All these questions and more to be dealt with in the near future.

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