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Exactly who do you scream to? Or at?

Greetings, Sheeple of Earth. Does that ring in your nose bother you?

Here we go again (to borrow a line from Ronnie Raygun, or whoever his “Rove” was), led by our noses straight down the path to a brand new version of the Cold War.

The ‘net news today has several stories about how Russia has resumed the long-range flights of their nuke grade strategic bombers, for the first time since 1992 or so.

Senor Chavez in Venezuela recently began the process to remove term limits on his office, but Bush and Putin have chosen to use a bit more discrete method to keep their asses in the seat, by revving up the people. Sort of reminds me of the film “Starship Troopers”, where you have a constant barrage of news plants like this to keep the natives in terror. Scare them enough and they’ll follow you anywhere and ask no questions, as that might seem to constitute treason.

So what do we, The Sheeple, do? Who do we scream to, or at?

Can we draw from the experience of the Jews of pre-war Germany? At least now the trains will most likely be air conditioned, even if they don’t run on time.

More to be added soon.

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