A review without an ending

November 25, 2007 at 2:00 am Leave a comment

I saw the film “No Country for Old Men” today, and found it lacking very little. However, that little bit that was missing was an ending, the fade to black that happened several times during the film set me up to just be sitting quietly in my place as the credits rolled, waiting to see what would be next.

Make no mistake, it was an excellent edge of the seat ride from the start to the almost finish. There are several spoilers that I won’t talk about, because I hope a lot of people will see it, it deserves that much, even without an ending. Did I mention that before?

Tommy Lee Jones is in a select group of actors (along with Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Nicholas Cage, Matt Damon, etc..) that I’ll go see, no matter what the reviews of a given film are like, no exception here. There are a few somewhat new guys to watch, Josh Brolin was interesting in any shot he was in. Also, the baddest bad guy in a while was played by Javier Bardem, a new name to look for if he’s more than a one trick pony, but he played this pony really, really well.

The Coen brothers and their writer’s choices of words were just up to their usual standards, which is to say letter perfect. The Texas twang was every bit the icing on the cake that the “way up North” dialect made “Fargo” such a treat to listen to as well as watch.

So, enjoy it for what it is, an unfinished symphony. Sort of like…..

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