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Governor Meg Lo-Manic?

Sorry, I probably meant to type “Meg Whitman”, but I just had one of those  little slips on the keyboard, I guess. Damn these senior moments.

It seems like Meg Whitman has bought up every available moment of advertising in California, especially in radio spots where you can’t see her jowls shaking and  all of the liver spots in bloom. You can’t go an hour without hearing her talking about all the things that California needs to have fixed, right now, without a word about how she plans to achieve any of them. Could it be like how she “fixed” eBay by running it into the ground with unmotivated fees and pedantic rules, buying up Paypal and making its use mandatory?

Not for nothing, but I’ve yet to hear one solid statement from her of how she will do anything to make the state goverment better, fix educational problems, lower our taxes without making service cuts, she’s only following the republican methodology of slamming anything anyone else says or does, with no counter plan in place, with no regard for the well being of the state.

(Meg’s bid to buy the election UPDATE 3-13-2010)

Ending this run for office of hers is actually very simple, just voice one important question that she needs to be asked, which goes something like this:

Exactly who did you give your vote to in the last California race for governor?

It’s amazing that no democrat has taken the time to ask this question so that her answer is on the record. Nor has anyone asked her why she won’t take part in  public debates with her opponents? Maybe she could try using Sarah Palin’s handy-work technique?

You know what I mean Meg? When you have a tough heckler in the crowd, read that small print message that you wrote on the  palm of your right hand, the one that says “Use the middle finger, stupid”.

What’s that Meg? You say you didn’t vote in the last California election? Well then, how about the election before that?

Uh no, much like Dick Cheney felt during the draft for active service in the Viet-Nam war era, there were far more important things to do.

I see, so you skipped that election as well?

Well, yeah…… you could say that.

Hmmm, and the election before that one, too?

This is starting to seem like a witch hunt…

Nice call Meg……

And when she changed her campaign slogan from a story of her 30 years as a California resident to how she was only here “many” of the last 30 years, well, could you define “many” for us?

And for me? The negative ad campaign she’s running is enough to convince me that I should re-register as a republican, hold my nose and vote for Steve Poizner using the “Lesser Of Two Weasels” thought process. Think about how many people now really regret not giving more support to Ann Richards to abort (nice how that word fits the occasion) the George W. Bush for governor campaign.

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6 months, max……

That’s my prediction for the duration of the marriage of Jenna Bush and that idiot Henry Hager. Picture someone running at full speed down the pier trying to jump on the Titanic as it’s leaving its mooring, is that a clear enough image of Henry? 

It will probably take even less time for the new groom to sweep himself clean out of the love nest he’ll try to make for the lesser of the two first daughters, too bad he got the one that looks like her commander in chimp father, instead of the (i.m.h.o.) cuter one that looks like her mother. 

Mmmm, bragging rights to being married to the daughter of the worst ever president of the U.S.A. will quickly drop even further in value once the love birds lose their access to the white house, especially if “W” leaves office wearing tar and feathers as so many of us expect.  

Perhaps at the wedding reception they’ll have a frog march procession in place of a conga line?

Gotta wonder about the pre-nup, were there stipulations regarding non-disclosure of stupid things said off camera by the papa-in-law?

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Connecting a few dots…

….But, you might not like the results…

O.K., raise your hand if you’ve ever heard someone refer to the idiot in the White House as a simple tool.

Umm, all of you, huh?

Stick with this, it’s going to make some sense soon.  For a basic overview of the theory, read Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s book “Sirens of Titan”, wherein a stranded spaceship contains some space folks that use sort of a remote control to guide the life of a kid to cause him to be an astronaut who as an adult will fly to the moon with a odd shaped piece of metal (he found as a kid) that he had kept as a lucky charm. This kids entire live had be orchestrated to deliver him with that piece of metal to the aliens so they could fix their ship and go home.

Please note that I read that book only once at least 25 years and 10 to 12 acid trips ago, so some of the names, places, details, etc. might be a bit off the mark, but the analogy stands.

Now, here are a few of the elements to the connection that might take a little Google work on your end. If you saw and understood my previous post on Google, you’ll also understand that searching these names may get your name on a list that may put you in a bind later, but I think it’s worth it.

1. The artificially created (some say stolen) country known as Saudi Arabia.

2. The Carlyle Group, includes James Baker and #3 below.

3. George Herbert Walker Bush (name usually preceded by “Papa”), senior advisor for the Carlyle Group.

4. George Walker Bush (name usually preceded by “That Asshole” or followed by “That Idiot”)

5. Sadam Hussain / Iraq

6. Iran

Well, the circle, and it is one, flows like this:

The Saudi’s have incredible piles of money from the oil under their feet.

The Carlyle Group, sort of like the Illuminati of legend, a group of super wealthy folks that intend to keep it and make more no matter who they have to crush to do so, manage this Saudi Gold mine and do it’s bidding worldwide.

Papa George H. W. Bush, a part of the Carlysle Group, passes the family wealth to:

That Asshole George  W. Bush, an even simpler tool of the Carlyle Group.


Saddam Hussein, one truly evil guy that thought he could out bad the Carlyle Group and take out the Saudi regime, followed by ……

Iran, looking to jump into the void left by the well hung Saddam Hussein, perhaps to take us back to 1. By becoming the new threat to Saudi Arabia, they are now in the sights of the Carlyle Group.


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It’s out of this world……

…..For a little while longer.
There seems to be a big push on from the top to revive the ghost of the S.D.I. program, by trying to shoot down the failing satellite.

This begs the question:

Why not just hook up some sort of a low tech, low cost tow cable from the Space Shuttle to this accident looking for a place to happen, and give it an outward bound tug to send it straight into the sun?

Perhaps because Halliburton doesn’t have 80 million dollar tow cables for sale?

Instead, we have the endangering of people on earth with another half ass scheme pushed along by the moron wannabe cowboy master of wrong ideas who for a little while longer can be found in the white house.


State of the art, third world version!

So, what happens if the missile misses, and the bus sized spacecraft explodes when it crashes still more or less intact in a place where the residents don’t hate America or Americans (if there still is such a place after 7+ years of Bush), and kills a crowd of kids?

Crap, it’s not like there are a lot of those friendly kind of places still left to lose!

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