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111 More + You = 1/3 Of A Million Hits! (Update At Bottom)

As my religious friend (If I had one) might say, Holy Crap!

Very simple math indicates that at this moment in time 111 more views will take me up to 333,333 hits, and anytime after I write this your simple act of reading it, if you’re more than 1/3 of a person, may have now bumped me up to over a third of a million views since I began writing this blog in an attempt to get that bug out of my…. well let’s just say out of my system. 


 7 a.m., July 8, 2012

This event should take place sometime on the 9th of July for me, as I usually average about 100 to 15o hits a day unless I hit a nerve and it goes viral with over 1,100  hits, as it did on October 8, 2008 during the run up to the previous presidential election.

My busiest day? Ask the Florida and Texas vote shredders

And for each of you there in Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Singapore and yes, “Oh Canada”, don’t forget to vote early and vote often.

So I thank you all, unless those hits are all coming from one serious fan of my writing who travels the world a lot. In which case, I still thank you but feel a need to warn you that cyber-stalking (though warmly appreciated) could be illegal.

The Update:

Here are the countries that yesterdays views came from.

Here are the single viewers

Making it easy to see passing that Third of a Million mark!

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