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U.S. President Pot, meet Zimbabwe’s Kettle…

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said “It’s better to be quiet and have people think you a fool, than open your mouth and prove it”.

Or at least something very close to that.

Well, here’s a quote from “Voice Of America”, published on June 28th, 2008.

“U.S. President George Bush is vowing to take new action against Zimbabwe’s government for what he called a “sham election” Friday that ignored the will of the people.”

Was there ever a guy more qualified to recognize a “sham election”? 

As you can see, there’s no need for an official White House proctologist.

This is the official residence of the perfect asshole.














A great impersonation of Robert DeNiro, eh?

Now appearing as “The Raging Bull-Shitter”.

Continuing, “In a statement Saturday, Mr. Bush ordered the secretaries of State and Treasury to develop sanctions against what he called Zimbabwe’s illegitimate government and the people who support it.”

I’m sure the people of Iran are breathing a sigh of relief these days as they sense the bulls-eye moving off them, they must be feeling like the Afghanistani’s did when Bush shifted us over to Iraq, while looking to get to that guy, you know, Saddam Hussein.













Hey, wasn’t there some other guy that he was looking for?





















Oh yeah, that’s him!

Well, mission nearly accomplished, nice work Bushie!!!

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Connecting a few dots…

….But, you might not like the results…

O.K., raise your hand if you’ve ever heard someone refer to the idiot in the White House as a simple tool.

Umm, all of you, huh?

Stick with this, it’s going to make some sense soon.  For a basic overview of the theory, read Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s book “Sirens of Titan”, wherein a stranded spaceship contains some space folks that use sort of a remote control to guide the life of a kid to cause him to be an astronaut who as an adult will fly to the moon with a odd shaped piece of metal (he found as a kid) that he had kept as a lucky charm. This kids entire live had be orchestrated to deliver him with that piece of metal to the aliens so they could fix their ship and go home.

Please note that I read that book only once at least 25 years and 10 to 12 acid trips ago, so some of the names, places, details, etc. might be a bit off the mark, but the analogy stands.

Now, here are a few of the elements to the connection that might take a little Google work on your end. If you saw and understood my previous post on Google, you’ll also understand that searching these names may get your name on a list that may put you in a bind later, but I think it’s worth it.

1. The artificially created (some say stolen) country known as Saudi Arabia.

2. The Carlyle Group, includes James Baker and #3 below.

3. George Herbert Walker Bush (name usually preceded by “Papa”), senior advisor for the Carlyle Group.

4. George Walker Bush (name usually preceded by “That Asshole” or followed by “That Idiot”)

5. Sadam Hussain / Iraq

6. Iran

Well, the circle, and it is one, flows like this:

The Saudi’s have incredible piles of money from the oil under their feet.

The Carlyle Group, sort of like the Illuminati of legend, a group of super wealthy folks that intend to keep it and make more no matter who they have to crush to do so, manage this Saudi Gold mine and do it’s bidding worldwide.

Papa George H. W. Bush, a part of the Carlysle Group, passes the family wealth to:

That Asshole George  W. Bush, an even simpler tool of the Carlyle Group.


Saddam Hussein, one truly evil guy that thought he could out bad the Carlyle Group and take out the Saudi regime, followed by ……

Iran, looking to jump into the void left by the well hung Saddam Hussein, perhaps to take us back to 1. By becoming the new threat to Saudi Arabia, they are now in the sights of the Carlyle Group.


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