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A tough break for bin-Laden

It’s too bad for Osama bin-Laden that even with all of his family’s oil industry corporate pawns  lobbyist friends doing their overpaid best, he wasn’t able to get them to pressure (some might call it pay off) the corporate owned United States Supreme Court in time to vote to cut off the funding for the military action that finally found him.

I guess plan “B” for him could have been to go and  incorporate himself as “Osama bin-Laden Goyim Youth Network LLC” (NYSE listing: OBGYN), after that, the government would have not bothered him at all. In fact, given the recent Supreme Court Citizens United decision, he might be even allowed to donate to election campaigns, just like the rest of his family has always done. You still don’t think so? Please explain then how all of those major Saudi players managed to get flown en-masse and unquestioned out of the U.S. on September 12, 2001, that was a day when there were supposed to be no flights taking off anywhere for anyone?

You know who I’m talking about when I say Osama? He was that six foot four inch tall guy that roamed the hills of West Bumfuckistan for almost ten years in search of dialysis treatment every other day. The same guy that George W. Bush used the full might of the U.S. to chase after for what must have been about a full week, before he used the power of his office to grab Americans by the nose
and lead them by it over to Iraq, so he could finally kill off the guy that his ex-president father couldn’t. Yeah, that’s the Osama I’m talking about.

Osama indicates how many Supreme Court Justices his family owns

How many hours do you suppose will elapse before Donald Trump, the world’s most famous certified asshat, shows up on Fox News (you may as well pronounce it “Faux News”) and screams for someone to produce DNA evidence and a death certificate, and by that I mean the notarized long form original copy?

Just askin….

May 2, 2011 at 3:40 pm 1 comment

And a gizmo shall lead them….

Today I welcome myself to the 21st century, albeit about 7 years late.

I finally dug up the cash to buy a GPS device. This came after working a few days (make that nights) at some strange locations around downtown L.A., and then trying to find my way to the freeway onramps to head for home a bit after 3am.

I was a bit concerned when the GPS devices first came out, what if a terrorist got hold of one? My plan to stall an invasion force by spray painting over the street signs went right out the window.

I was relieved at first by the long amount of time taken up in just trying to open the hard plastic bubble pack the thing came in, I was thinking that this will keep those bad guys from making much progress, “why, they’ll need a box cutter to get at this thing” I thought, but then I remembered that thing we swore to never forget, you know,  that thing we call 9-11!


Remember when all those evil folks from Afghanistan Pakistan Iraq Iran attacked our country, using only simple Box Cutters? Why, they must have as many of them as they have Silkworm missiles and those RPGs that Papa Bush provided to them, lo those many years ago.

I’m sure glad resident Bush spared no expense to try find, dead or alive, that 6’4″ guy who is tied to a dialysis machine, Osama bin Whatshisname, who thought up that plan…


Rest assured we will find him, most likely dead so there’s no worry about him spilling the beans (or chick peas) in court.

December 3, 2007 at 4:52 am 3 comments


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