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Twenty-Twelve, it just rolls off the tongue

I’m still doing a post-viewing rehash in my head, trying to remember when, or even if, in recent years I’ve watched a more enjoyable film than 2012.

District¬†9 comes to mind, it’s at least that good but hard to call it better.

Great script. For a change you can watch a complete story well told in the old school mode, having a beginning, a middle, and then (surprise!) an end. Quite unlike so much of the crap around these days. Maybe it’s a Mayan concept and the green lighters still don’t get it yet?

Great director. Roland Emmerich has extracted fine performances all around, and managed to keep a cohesive plot covered (see above) and show it all on the screen. I believe that if this wasn’t a Sony release, this time the computer ¬†would have been a nice but slightly used MacBook Pro (updated from the beautiful black 5300 Powerbook Jeff Goldblum used to save the world inIndependence Day), not a steaming pile of VAIO. Ah, but I digress…..


Great acting. John Cusack, in my opinion, can be considered a serious contender to jump past Tom Hanks and become the Henry Fonda sort of “everyman” of our time.

Great acting

Cusack’s become like you and me (or at least me) in that way.

The hard to beat original

And by the way, as you may have heard, there are at least a few interesting special effects shots on the screen in this film, and they’re all done very nicely.

2012 airplane

How many times can you say “How the fuck did they do that” ?

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