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Ooh-ooh that’s Mel……..

For a clearer meaning of the title of this post, it should be sung using the Lynyrd Skynyrd style. If you don’t know who Lynyrd Skynyrd was, go back to your rap and hiphop crap and leave me alone.

Forced into admitting it, today I have to give the devil his due…  I’ve usually been against most everything Mel Gibson stands for, says or does, even on the rare occasion when he’s sober or not busy celebrating having yet another offspring. By the way, that’s seven by his ex-wife and the the current count is one more (so far) by a musician / composer named Oksana Grigorieva, a Ukrainian (some incorrectly say Russian) woman a little more than half his age that he may have knocked up while still in his previous “christian” marriage.

Perhaps he’s trying to match his parents record of having eleven kids, and he has had to switch to a younger wife?

And I’d say all of the above even if I wasn’t one of those direct descendants of the christ killers he often rants about.

So, it grieves me a lot to have to say this, but there’s no one better at playing that basic Mel Gibson kind of character than Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson (google it), as exemplified in his new film “Edge Of Darkness“, directed by Martin Campbell, the same director that did one of my other favorite everyone gets killed at the end kind of movie, “The Departed”. Ooops, was that a “spoiler”?

He’s really a good actor, even if often a bit too much over the top in every sense of the word. Fighting past the cliches and more or less predictable events that roll through the film all the way to the cornball ending, I just plained enjoyed watching his facial tics in what is more or less a return to his “Lethal Weapon” days. Except that Ray Winstone does does a much better job of scene stealing every moment that  he’s on screen than Danny Glover ever did.

Sure, it’s hard for me to ignore the abundance of crosses and religious paraphernalia that’s on display in almost every scene, it was almost like the church was paying for product placement, and questions “sugar tits” asks like (paraphrasing here because I don’t have a copy of the script) “are you being nailed to the cross or doing the hammering”, or something to that effect.

So, considering the above, it’s really difficult for me to say this aloud, but I’d give this film (and Mel, goddamn it!) a “go-see-it”.

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