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Congradulations Mr. Bush, “Mission Accomplished” ~

That is, of course if your mission was to have caused 4,000 (and counting) young American men and women to be killed.

Hell yes, you’ve even outdone Osama binLaden himself, his credit is said to total only a bit over 3,000.

Sure, you’ve gone and outspent him by what? A billion to one? And it took you five years to do what he “accomplished? in a single day with a few box openers.

I’m glad you caught the only 6 foot, 4 inch guy tethered to a dialysis machine in the mountains of Pakistan, Afghanistan, West Bumfuckistan, or where ever he’s been hiding.

Oh wait……………. hold that thought…..

So, any advance predictions on when your mission will be accomplished in Iran?

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And a gizmo shall lead them….

Today I welcome myself to the 21st century, albeit about 7 years late.

I finally dug up the cash to buy a GPS device. This came after working a few days (make that nights) at some strange locations around downtown L.A., and then trying to find my way to the freeway onramps to head for home a bit after 3am.

I was a bit concerned when the GPS devices first came out, what if a terrorist got hold of one? My plan to stall an invasion force by spray painting over the street signs went right out the window.

I was relieved at first by the long amount of time taken up in just trying to open the hard plastic bubble pack the thing came in, I was thinking that this will keep those bad guys from making much progress, “why, they’ll need a box cutter to get at this thing” I thought, but then I remembered that thing we swore to never forget, you know,  that thing we call 9-11!


Remember when all those evil folks from Afghanistan Pakistan Iraq Iran attacked our country, using only simple Box Cutters? Why, they must have as many of them as they have Silkworm missiles and those RPGs that Papa Bush provided to them, lo those many years ago.

I’m sure glad resident Bush spared no expense to try find, dead or alive, that 6’4″ guy who is tied to a dialysis machine, Osama bin Whatshisname, who thought up that plan…


Rest assured we will find him, most likely dead so there’s no worry about him spilling the beans (or chick peas) in court.

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