Crap By Any Other Name Still Smells…

Earlier today I received a well designed and pleasant form letter offering me a great deal on telephone, internet access and t.v. service, all from a new company, one that has the name “Spectrum“.

Considering the intent of this document, another name might have more relevance, Speculum as in ” B.O.H.I.C.A., so Open wide”

However, they made one tragic mistake that negates any sweet sounding deal they may ever offer with the inclusion of a note at the top of the page that said that “Time Warner Cable Is Now Spectrum“.

To those from who never had the dubious pleasure of dealing with them, Time Warner is a company that has amazed me, and perhaps other customers, with their total lack of concern for customer happiness, to the extent that they made their adversary position one that may have lead them to shed major numbers of customers a move which then made many of their share holders divest themselves of ownership.

So, to explain this situation, call it by any name you like and it’s the same old piece of shit, but one that’s now presented in a shiny new wrapper in the hopes that this will somehow help people forget the history.

To be sure there are other conglomerates with a similar level of consumer hatred, they are able to continue to exist only by changing their names and logos, and then relying on the American publics incredibly short memory span to remain in business.

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Here Doggy Doggy

No one else seems to have mentioned this as yet, but I’ve been amazed at how much the republicans are like dogs. Easy now dog lovers, before you either fly off in a rant or jump up and cheer that statement, I’m talking about how they have been pushing so hard to kill off ObamaCare (or if you want to be a bit more correct about it, RomneyCare) at every opportunity, much in the way a dog will start to bark and chase after a car without thinking at all about “what will I do when I catch it?”. 

So now they, the republicans that is, have a firm grip on what I’d like to call their own “third rail”, and they will have to ride it out to what to me is an obvious end.

If they manage to kill medicare, perhaps the fact that so many of their base are either recipients of this program or have to lend financial support to their family members who are, or in a worst case scenario attend a lot of funerals, what will they say then?

Hmm, perhaps a few million short angry notes sent via snail mail to Paul Ryan from a few million angry citizens is a viable option?

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Just how hard is it to fuck up a crow bar?

There have been so many sites that have been bought up by Microsoft, and so many sites ruined….

When I was in the Air Force, we had a saying about the ability of certain types of people who were so stupid, so dense, that they could “Fuck up a breaker bar” (breaker bar is another term for a solid steel pry bar or crow bar), meaning they could destroy something so solid and impervious to damage that it seemed impossible to ruin it

Microsoft fits that description with its acquisition and subsequent ruining of Skype, LinkedIn, IMDB.COM, Nokia cell phones, and so many more.

For an incredibly huge list of their track record, you could simply Google “Companies bought and ruined by microsoft”, I did and the list is stunning…

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Still on the road, again

   Working on a film in western Sonoma County, California means having great visuals on the daily drive from the hotel to the set such as redwood trees and deer running across he road with no warning, and other sorts of nature.

   An unseen aspect of being in what we on the crew warmly refer to as West Bumfuckistan is that cell phone service and internet access outside of the hotel are basically unknown here, resulting in very productive days on the set as checking in your facebook status or looking for the next gig on various websites is just not possible, it’s like  being back in 1975…

nobody cares

One other side benefit, I now know for sure just how bad my Tinnitus is…

 More soon, got to make that drive into the hills again….

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They Don’t Make Mistakes Do They?

Here’s one so far apparently overlooked aspect to share for those who find it hard to believe that Bill Clinton could have been so stupid as to jump onto Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s aircraft and have an impromptu talk only days before the FBI was to interrogate Hillary (interesting side bar here, the government could have raked in millions by selling a few seats behind the always interesting one way mirror  in the interrogation room to allow the high bidders to watch the questioning), but I digress. BillOverhillaryBill Clinton is so many things to so many people but he’s not known for stupidity, so why would he pull this bonehead stunt? Suppose for a moment that he knew that Lynch, out of fear of having someone roll over on her, would be forced to open her books on the Clintons in a deposition or if she was put on trial and reveal all she’s learned about them since defending them in the “White Water” deal in 1992. The easiest way to avoid that would be by making her, excuse the Clinton connected term, “Tainted” and forced to recuse herself, which is exactly what she did. Her future now that she’s been temporarily pulled away from the threat of ‪#‎arkancide‬ would be considered to be shaky at best.

ron brown arkancide

I just hope Loretta has done her homework and will avoid all flights in small private aircraft, not be around people cleaning guns, and also not go near an open window several stories above ground level or stand on the roof of such a building, I wouldn’t want her to end up being the next black former Clinton “friend” (Google Ron Brown – Clinton) like Ron in the photo above.

While You're in Prison

Feel free to share this, I’d like to hear from others who might have more to add….

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In Depends Day?

I saw the newest iteration of the July 4th perennial, Independence Day, this one titled “Resurgence” today, and it’s certainly doomed to be yet another film tent pole. Well, there’s a fair chunk of cash and two (but feels like three) hours of my life I’ll never get back. Please note that no spoilers were injured in writing this, even though it’s really tempting, including slipping in a reference in the title of this post to so many elderly cast members brought back to life that you’d think Ron Howard directed it.

This is how they could have had this film end in approximately 18 minutes,

Just have a blindfolded fighter pilot sneak one of these things:

g3 powerbook

Directly into the motherships air exhaust duct as shown below

death star

And bingo, it’s over.

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Easy now, I am / am not a millionaire…

I’ve found the cure for the worries about my financial future, in my back pocket I have the cure for being financially nervous about the rising cost of everything.

I call it my “Schrodinger’s Lotto Card“, and until I check on those results, I’m both broke and rich at the same time…

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