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Form Follows, Or Precedes, Function

Recently on Facebook I noted that one small side benefit of my being isolated was that I could catch up on videos, and how pleased I was to re-watch the series “Person Of Interest” again, a show that I had really enjoyed when it was new. I’m still going through the episodes and this morning I ran across an example of how besides reflecting life, art can even to some extent predict it, even if hidden in the details. In season 4, the episode (#5) titled sort of prophetically “Prophets” was about how a person predicted election outcomes with great accuracy yet had been shocked that an election went against his call, and even against the results of usually accurate exit polls. This upset victory brought a candidate for governor (and, her name was Perez) to victory, only to have her very soon after die under mysterious circumstances instantly raising her next in command into office. Adding to the coincidence factor, that name Perez shows up large in this. Then as now, the need for votes that are traceable and not an easy target for electronic manipulation is clear.

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“Those who vote decide nothing.

Those who count the vote decide everything.”

― Joseph Stalin

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