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And the #1 reason there’s no inexpensive cure for the Corona Virus today is…

There will be no miracle cure available to the masses until the day that Big Pharma and the insurance industry can find a way to make millions and millions of dollars from a cup of hot tea with lemon and herbs, or get people to simple gargle often with a mixture of hot water, vitamin C and salt.

When and if they can reach that point, they can then easily route big $$$ to theirĀ corporate owner’s off shore accounts and bingo, the world is cured…

teacup with sliced lemon

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Cabin Fever, a symptom of Corona Virus?

If my walls could talk, they wouldn’t, they would only yawn out of boredom…

A few words for today…

In the early days of programming, to start a sentence with a dot (a period) meant that the computer was to ignore all that followed on that line, the modern equivalent is to start a sentence with the words “Trump said…”

The Donald's Do

It’s not ecologically correct, but I strongly suggest to people that they should not let their car’s gas tank get below 1/2 tank (I top mine up when it gets below 3/4) and keep actual cash on hand as much asĀ possible, I have very little confidence in the financial strength of credit the way our economy is so close to tanking. This is of course just one person’s view (mine), your milage may vary…

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Feel free to contribute…

More soon, be well and be safe

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