How long?

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A few questions that seem to have never been asked for over half a century…

Robert F. Kennedy died June 6, 1968,

How long was Sirhan B. Sirhan employed at the Ambassador Hotel before he (and perhaps another person) shot Bobby Kennedy?

Historical note, he worked there only a day or so.

He used an 8 shot revolver yet an audio recording of the event has the sounds of more than a dozen shots being fired.

Why did no one investigate why it was that Sirhan bought that gun just days before the shooting and quickly spent time at a shooting range learning how to use it?

Who hired Sirhan and then got him placed in the path of Kennedy’s egress?

Why was nothing ever made of Sirhan being in front of Kennedy yet the fatal shot to his head was from the rear?

pink plastic revolver toy

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So much stink to this but so few answers, do the research…


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