Things I’ve learned, # 1, parts is parts

August 21, 2019 at 6:44 pm Leave a comment

One thing that I learned while working as an engine mechanic on F4 Phantoms while I was in the Air Force was that right after an aircraft has landed and taxied to its parking spot, you don’t want to shut the engine off right away.

It’s best for all of its moving parts if you will just let it idle a while, this is so that the internal temperatures can stabilize and the lubrication system is allowed to do it’s job.

Much like love, this is so that on re-start there is no direct surface to surface contact without adequate lubricant protection.

This also applies to cars, motorcycles, jet skis or whatever you ride on or in, from a 2020 Ferrari to a 1997 Ford Expedition, parts is parts… 

f4 Phantom

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