Still calling it a phone?

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Based on my current usage, I now choose to call that Samsung device that I once referred to as my phone a “Pocket Computer” (like a “laptop computer” but smaller). I suppose that it’s technically still a phone, but 90% or more of the time I’m using it as a thing I use to search on the internet, and more specifically spend time looking for work openings and checking on my e-mail. 

Most often I’ll make or receive less than a few dozen calls a week, and a large part of those received ones ends up being of the robo-call variety I will get for one sort of scam or another. I let those go to voice mail where the caller is told that I didn’t answer because either I’m working or I don’t recognize their phone number, and then I ask them to just leave a voice mail message for me and I will return their call as soon as we wrap or when get a break if they prove to be humans.

man wearing brown suit jacket mocking on white telephone

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Average as of today of messages that get left, less than 5%,

Life used to be so simple…


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