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Did you notice the mistake in “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” that the continuity person, the camera operator, the editor and perhaps a few others have missed?

So, there’s this shot in the film where Brad Pitt is driving along on the freeway, yet the speedometer is clearly visible on the right side of the frame and shows he’s driving along at “0” mph.

The shot doesn’t have the elevated car riding along well above the other traffic height look like that would be the result of the Lincoln being on a process trailer, which could have explained this happening, as watching for small details on a bouncing monitor is usually difficult.

It likely this was shot on a stage with a green screened in background where catching it would have only meant one more easy CGI fix, taking into consideration all of the other complex Forrest Gump style character insertions that they did.

Sadly, no one on the camera or watching in video village noticed it.

However, this didn’t bother me nearly as much as having to pay $15.00 (with a senior discount yet) to see this at the Arc Light Cinema, where you have to guess the row number for your reserved seat because some clever person made the numbers for all purposes invisible in the dark. 

Bah, Humbug…

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