Crap By Any Other Name Still Smells…

January 9, 2017 at 6:30 am Leave a comment

Earlier today I received a well designed and pleasant form letter offering me a great deal on telephone, internet access and t.v. service, all from a new company, one that has the name “Spectrum“.

Considering the intent of this document, another name might have more relevance, Speculum as in ” B.O.H.I.C.A., so Open wide”

However, they made one tragic mistake that negates any sweet sounding deal they may ever offer with the inclusion of a note at the top of the page that said that “Time Warner Cable Is Now Spectrum“.

To those from who never had the dubious pleasure of dealing with them, Time Warner is a company that has amazed me, and perhaps other customers, with their total lack of concern for customer happiness, to the extent that they made their adversary position one that may have lead them to shed major numbers of customers a move which then made many of their share holders divest themselves of ownership.

So, to explain this situation, call it by any name you like and it’s the same old piece of shit, but one that’s now presented in a shiny new wrapper in the hopes that this will somehow help people forget the history.

To be sure there are other conglomerates with a similar level of consumer hatred, they are able to continue to exist only by changing their names and logos, and then relying on the American publics incredibly short memory span to remain in business.


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