Here Doggy Doggy

January 7, 2017 at 6:58 am Leave a comment

No one else seems to have mentioned this as yet, but I’ve been amazed at how much the republicans are like dogs. Easy now dog lovers, before you either fly off in a rant or jump up and cheer that statement, I’m talking about how they have been pushing so hard to kill off ObamaCare (or if you want to be a bit more correct about it, RomneyCare) at every opportunity, much in the way a dog will start to bark and chase after a car without thinking at all about “what will I do when I catch it?”. 

So now they, the republicans that is, have a firm grip on what I’d like to call their own “third rail”, and they will have to ride it out to what to me is an obvious end.

If they manage to kill medicare, perhaps the fact that so many of their base are either recipients of this program or have to lend financial support to their family members who are, or in a worst case scenario attend a lot of funerals, what will they say then?

Hmm, perhaps a few million short angry notes sent via snail mail to Paul Ryan from a few million angry citizens is a viable option?


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