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Help Jack Off The T.V.

In the world of those lower budget franchise sort of chain restaurants, Jack In The Box is a long time also ran competitor to the McDonalds brand. Whereas it’s usually thought of as just being a cheap alternative to the home of the Big Mac, it sells food that can at best be described as “At least it probably won’t make you get sick”.

Mac'n Jack

The Real Mac’n Jack Clown

But there was one area where Jack has long ruled over Mickey D’s, and it’s in the world of t.v. commercials with their big headed clown spokesperson being erudite, brilliant, funny and always worth a pause to watch, if for nothing else but to catch those slight character nudges they snuck in with the change of a few small parts of the clowns facial features when there was an angle change.

Until today that is.

A Different Clown

A Different Big Mac’n ™  Clown

Yesterday, I just watched in awe as this brand did what amounts to a fatal crash and burn with the birth of, and I’m being as charitable as possible, a cheap and ugly piece of crap puppet with remote control rods for the arms visible. 

Could this mean that it’s time to bring back the Hamburglar?

Hamburgler Jacks Mac

Putting the Jack Back in Mac

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