Chicken Or The Egg, Vehicle Version

September 4, 2013 at 12:30 am 1 comment

After dealing with a range of unhappy Los Angeles area traffic situations lately, I have to wonder which came first, the asshole or the pickup truck.


One Generic Exhibit “A”

What I’m actually asking is, are people who are natural born assholes (by easy and clear definition) predisposed to buy pickup trucks, or does the act of buying a pickup truck convert an otherwise normal person into a raging asshole? 


Double down on your Instant Grief level, just insert an asshole

And just to ramp up the discussion, I myself have experiential experience * that indicates to me that the incidence level of asshole created traffic danger events is (at least) multiplied by a factor of 10 when the observed pickup truck is red. Moreover,  for some reason you can double that when it’s also one of the dual rear wheel variety.

* Your milage may vary

N.B., the ownership of any and all photos, opinions, and/ or quotes above (including those of mine) belong to the material’s creator(s). Credit is given when it’s known, but because success usually has a million parents and failure is an orphan, blame will not be so attributed. 

P.S., check back for occasional updates and rewrites….


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We will report, you will decide, verstehen Sie? It’s The “Negro”, Stupid

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  • 1. lulumoretti  |  September 4, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    I’d have to say a pick-up truck is a Chicken because it’s a C word, as in Compensating. Also, lest we forget, Chicken is a form of driving into another Chicken at high speed. (Or, let’s face it, anyone else and too frequently without being egged on.)

    An extremely large dually PU zipped past me on 101 last week advertising GUN PRIDE on it’s tail gate. I wondered about that. Was it a pun having been placed so prominently on the -uh- tail gate? Or maybe because Gun and Gay are both G words it was a mix of aggression and sexual politics?

    Who knows about these things? It’s all so zen.


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