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How does a candidate who is running for the office of President of the United States of America, one who by all accounts has never actually performed a day of real work in his entire life even find the nerve to bring up Unemployment as an issue?

By the way, when I say that he never worked it’s pretty much the same way I would describe the existence of a professional pickpocket, that’s someone who may be considered to be employed, yes, but working, eh…. well, not so much.

And the above comparison is far more to the point than most of the things that I usually write about, taking money that this person has no right to is a fair description of his history of strip mining businesses, lifting retirement savings, pension funds, coins from the commissary tip jar, anything else that isn’t nailed down, and then he casually just walks away from the smoking wreckage.

You may have noticed that I didn’t specifically mention any name in those above paragraphs, but do you have any question at all about who the subject is?

I didn’t think so…..

Doing my best inspector Columbo, “There’s just one more thing”….

Do just a little research on your part and you’ll find that the people who are investing in the campaign of the unnamed person (and make no mistake about it, it’s all about investments and nothing close to a donation) are operating as sort of free agents and hiding under banners the likes of  “Crossroads GPS”, “Restore Our Future”, “American Crossroads” or some other innocuous meaningless name, all 527 shell gamess. These groups are made up of the “Brain Behind Bush (and Nixon!)” a.k.a. as Karl Rove, and additional donations investments from those coal and oil thievery barons known as, keeping it polite here, “Those Koch-Suckers”, David and Charles Koch or others of their ilk. If you’re not a republican, you’ll remember George W. Bush as the president who was between Clinton and Obama, if you are a republican you will not acknowledge his existance. However, what’s even more interesting about this campaign is that there is nothing positive to say about their candidate, so they’re left with ad hominem attacks on perceived shortcomings of his opponent.

And so it goes.


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Romney’s final campaign poster Dear President Romney

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