Outsourced Olimpic Souvenirs, Now On Aisle 6

August 9, 2012 at 11:17 pm 1 comment

Yes, I’m well aware that there’s a misspelled word in the subject line, much the same as I know that the most litigious organization in the world claims to own the correct spelling of that word, and they have more lawyers than Michael Phelps has gold medals or groupies attending his alleged pot parties. That’s also why the next photo merely represents London, which I believe is still in the public’s domain, instead of some logo that’s made up of interlinked circular things. O.K., on with the show…..

I have bad and worse news from London.

I’m Clock Blocked, big time…

The bad news? Even after being transported in the traditional Romney style, Ann’s horse Rafalca still didn’t win the Dressage (a.k.a., Horse Dancing) event.

The worse news? Rafalca has been put on the market. Well, to be more precise, Rafalca has been put on the shelf in the dog food section of a market near you.

Poor Rafalca, only a pas de deux away from getting the bronze

And Rafalca may also soon be found in finer Asian restaurants worldwide. 

And because in some parts of the world, nothing is wasted…

It’s yellow & if you serve it warm it bubbles

I’m not worried, I have RomneyCare

Yes, my hat was made in China…

The ownership of any and all photos, opinions, and/ or quotes above (including those of mine) belong to the material’s creator(s). Credit is given when it’s known, but because success usually has a million parents and failure is an orphan, blame will not be so attributed. 

P.S., check back for occasional updates and rewrites….



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  • 1. jay  |  August 16, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    Actually Germans are more fond of Horse meat than Asians. Perhaps a climate thing. But not so many horses in Asia.


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