Dunking Mitt In A Born Again Waterworld

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O.K., here’s a somewhat subtle way for those Baptists and any other true believers who support Romney to try and influence his choice in his picking of a vice-presidential candidate from the religious right to be the one who will be his running mate.  This involves the adoption of a modified water boarding technique, one which some Baptists believe will help guide Mitt to make his choice be a divine one. After all, believing is what they specialize in, isn’t it? 


I called it!!!

At the start of this media covered event, a priest will pop up out of the water and loudly shout “Marco”, and then quickly dive back under the water. With some well rehearsed timing less than a second later a different “True Believer” will pop up out of the water at the opposite end of the pool and shout out “Rubio”. 



Repeat as necessary or at least until Mitt smacks himself in the head and says “Hey, wait a minute folks, I just got a great idea…”.


Marco Rubio boldly tests out the halo effect to try to appeal to the “Log-Cabin Republican” sector of the Republican Party for support. As fabulous as he may be, it just doesn’t work so well for him…

And then there’s that “bus” thing….


Hmm, thrown under the bus or ride on top of it in a cage?

Yeah, I suppose that throwing people under the bus might be too subtle, but this has to be better than having each V.P. candidate be forced to be locked in a cage on top of a Las Vegas style tour bus provided by as has recently been decided by the Supreme Court, an unnamed donor, in an attempt to see how many hours he or (at least in theory anyway) she could endure of the ride without wetting themselves.


A side bar on the rural America bus tour: It would be interesting to see if one of the people at each whistle stop the bus arrives at could get a photograph showing the license plate which is on that bus, and then e-mail that photo to a central location where it could be checked to see if Mitt is indeed only riding on one bus from location to location. I believe that it’s more likely that he has a few identical tour vehicles which have been provided to him by his main campaign angel (code named “Alta Kocka”) in a loan that you can be sure will  have to be repaid at a later date, the angel being that always warm and charming owner of Las Vegas and other world wide gambling Mecca’s, the 83 year old walking fossil that goes by the name Sheldon Adelson.


Mitt drains his old hose while on the road again

Further, I’m guessing that while those multiple buses are busy leapfrogging to each subsequent stop, Mitt just hops on a small plane (O.K., to an Air Force Vet, a Lear Jet is a small plane) to fly to a small airport near the next meet and greet to board an identical looking bus hidden a few miles down the road, just a short hop to the next photo op. 


Lexan in use since Mitt’s been on the bus!

Below is a photo of a bus that was used in another candidate’s campaign early on in the race for the nomination, this was a bus that knew enough to stay in its place, which means it was required to take the place at the rear of the bus tour train.


Rick Perry’s Bus, it just looks bigger because it’s black. The choice of black for the color of the bus may hurt Rick’s chances with many Republicans.

The ownership of any and all photos, opinions, and/ or quotes above (including those of mine) belong to the material’s creator(s). Credit is given when it’s known, but because success usually has a million parents and failure is an orphan, blame can not be so attributed.


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