My Continental flight’s code? Umm, NFW?

March 4, 2012 at 4:03 pm 1 comment

I am truly sorry to learn that Continental Airlines has now become part of what I consider to be one of my own personal “Evil Empires”, United Airlines. I flew Continental on many of my flights to Texas because they had a wide selection of flights that were easy to fit my schedule and didn’t require long lines up for the flight. Now, that ship has not only sailed over the horizon, it’s hit a reef and become part of history.

A  ramp up dress for success? Eh, not so much

This merger worries me on a few fronts, not the least of which is the fear that my almost 20,000 frequent flyer miles I’ve earned over the years with Continental will meet the same fate as a similar amount of “Milage Plus” miles I had with United did when their corporate weasels decided that I wasn’t quite as frequent enough of a flyer as they wanted me to be, so they did some in-house magical trick, and poof, all of my unused miles were gone.

My miles are real gone, man… Just like the King!

Needless to say, United and I haven’t been, eh… united again since then, and to add some wood to the flame, I have not allowed anyone I know to fly on them if I have any chance to be involved in that decision. This has included having an entire small film crew diverted to a different airlines to work on a movie in Georgia (U.S., not Soviet), after I had a chance to get involved with the choice by speaking with a friend who worked in the film’s production office. The crew of 36 people all flew on the same plane, yet you couldn’t say that we were “United”. Feel free to insert last laugh here.

A.K.A., my Snowball In Hell card

Truth be told, I did most of my flying over the past few decades with my airline of choice, Northwest, which sadly has been absorbed in a similar method into Delta. Well, there’s another pile of well over 100,000 unused miles to worry about, even though the folks I’ve spoken to at Delta insist that they’re safe. I suppose that they will be safe, at least until some future meeting of the board when a bright young corporate climber will posit the idea to get rid of banked miles so as to improve the “bottom line” and thereby help them keep their seat at next year’s meeting.

Welcome to Camp U.A.L., hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

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  • 1. lulumoretti  |  March 4, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    The whole mileage racket hit me ‘tween the eyes when I learned over 300K frequent flyer miles didn’t mean over 300K frequent flyer miles. Flying 600 miles? That’ll be 15,000 FFM’s thank yew kindly. Where’s the other 14,400 FFM’s? So, 300K FFM = 10 round trips SFO-LAX. Lucky me.

    And Amex Gold Rewards??? (don’t get me started)


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