The Elephant On The G.O.P. Dance Floor?

February 4, 2012 at 3:41 pm Leave a comment

Much has been said about the eternal, or so it seems, republican presidential aspirant Mitt Romney’s father having been born in Mexico, thus making Mitt the son of an immigrant (perhaps a legal one) from Mexico.

I’ve read that Mitt’s grandfather left the U.S. and moved his family to Mexico to avoid anti-polygamy laws that would have limited how many wives he could have. In this post, I’m referring to how many wives he could have at one time, not in constant replacement when they became ill, like Mr. Romney’s nemesis, Mr. Newt Gingrich.

This leaves one large (large as in “The Elephant on the debate stage) question that as far as I’ve been able to find no one has asked of Mr. Romney.  It’s a simple question, and here it is:

“Mitt, exactly how many grandmothers (MeeMaws, MamMahs, Abuelas, Bubbies, whatever) did you send Christmas cards to when you were a kid?”. Were any of those cards in Spanish?

I’m stumped as to why Mr. Gingrich didn’t bring this up during those debates, but I’m somewhat sure it wasn’t because Mr. Gingrich is too polite to ask it, ipsa loquitur and all that.

Feel free to jump on in if you have an idea on this you’d like to leave in the comment section?

More to be added soon, stay tuned…….

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