Somehow, I’m still in that 99% crowd

December 15, 2011 at 4:08 am Leave a comment

It seems that there was some sort of class action law suit that recently took place against eBay, a legal action that for reasons beyond my understanding had chosen to include humble little me as part of that class.

Well, that drawn out legal battle is finally over and, whoo hoo, we won. 

Everyone has a price, mine seems to be 68 cents, American.

Yes grasshopper, that check’s for (pre-tax) damn near 70 cents

I have no way to prove it, but I’m reasonably sure that a large clot of lawyers who were involved on both sides of the deal were able to take home a  lump sum payment that was somewhat larger than sixty eight cents, one that could enable each of them to buy a chalet or two in the South of France if they decided that was in their interest. Also likely, there was enough pocket change left over to pick up a new Mercedes for each of them and each member of their families, including those ingrate remora-like bastards step children they have to feed. As you may already know, most lawyers don’t actually have children of their own, the basic attorney personality is a very strong (if odious) and proven form of birth control and most court imposed restraining orders will usually function as a powerful contraceptive device.


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