Take My Idea, Please!

May 24, 2011 at 6:06 am Leave a comment

There’s so much crap on t.v. now that I thought maybe I should join the crowd and be doing my part to help create yet one more piece of bandwidth clutter that would be based on some old show from the pre-rap, pre-tatoo era. This era is best to consider because most of today’s slow thinking prized demographic examples wouldn’t catch on to the theft.

So, how about if I do a lift from from the dated Tom Hanks / Peter Scolari classic, “Bosom Buddies” from the early 1980’s, except this time it’s about two college girls who decide to pose as guys so that they can move into a frat house when the sorority they want to join has maxed out on new members?

We can call it “Dick’s Friends”, and see where it goes. And I suppose that we can find a way to have Holland Taylor do something similar to her role from the original show, since her work (along with many others) on “Two And A Half Men” may end up going down with that recently “torpedoed” ship.

And if you really want to steal my humble and (as yet) not copyrighted idea, please try to keep me in mind when you’re putting the crew together, things are getting a little slow out here.

Sorry about this drift, I’m about to go political again. Way, way far political.

Stand by, it’s in the works!


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