Watching a 21st Century “China Syndrome”

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It’s often been said that real estate values are based on just three things, and they are location, location, and (you guessed it), location.

Given that, which way do you suppose the property value will go on the coast of Uruguay?

After doing a simple Google search for a method to find which place is on the opposite side of the earth from any given point, I found the Map Tunneling Tool. You can get it at the link given below, but please note that I have no connection, financial or otherwise, with this site and not responsible for your usage. So far it seems benign, with no spam or cookies even.


For a test run to try out the cross hair style aiming mechanism, let’s say we take a look at a location that according to news stories may well soon be a glow in the dark hole in the ground. As of today, this location serves as the home of the Fukushima Daiichi reactor, but things change. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but for now it’s still in North Eastern Japan, and here’s what I found on the other side of the world from it:

Let the Boehner cross hairs be your guide!

By using this Boehner , which is what I’ve taken to call any simple tool, we can find that if the meltdown were to continue at its present pace inside those reactors in Japan, the well known “China Syndrome” might take place and end up near Uruguay. This is a theory that says that such an event could burn a hole clean through the globe, and if that happens, this one should take place a bit to the right of South America, several hundred miles off of the coast. Practical logic suggests that it would only go half way through until it hit the molten core of our planet, but that doesn’t leave as much room to base this supposition on.

Unlike Fox News, I’m allowed to talk about the ‘Nuke industry and its inherent safety problems, this is a topic that the Koch Controlled news droids are not allowed to speak of aloud by their power company owning corporate overlords. Because of this, if you plan to have friends over to watch it all go down (or up) on t.v. and you decide that you’ll all take a drink every time a news reader puppet on Faux News says the words reactor or meltdown, I’m guessing you won’t need a designated driver.


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