If I were a rich man…..

January 9, 2011 at 4:31 pm Leave a comment

The subject line is not related to this at all, and is not related to anything else in this blog, so far. I got the idea from a line of dialogue that was spoken by the actor Robert Vaughn to Richard Pryor in Superman III, where he said something like “Being rich means you never have to wear the same pair of socks twice”. That line resonates in me whenever I hear about the Bernie Madoff scam, but I wonder if it has the same affect on his prison husband when Bernie says it?

10 Bonus points if you name the two women that are on the poster, 5 more if you can explain how they got there.

So, I went off on a new socks buying expedition to my local Costco, and a mere $60 dollars later I find that I’m able to wear a fresh new pair of socks each day for more than a month.

Now, I’m wealthy from the top of my head to the bottom of my….

As you’ve no doubt heard many times over the years, big feet mean big socks, so my size 12’s fit comfortably into what’s in the  size 10-13 package from the wizards of Kirkland, and there’s even a little room left for me to grow when this season’s cold weather shrinkage ends.

I’m not just circumcised, I’m Circus Sized


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