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An Egg Laying Turkey, late for Thanksgiving

Just when I thought that the wizards of the film industry had learned their lesson about trying to transmogrify those old t.v. shows into feature films (Sgt. Bilko or Land of the Lost ring a bell?), along comes an apparent D.O.A. Turkey destined to arrive as a Christmas holiday release.

I’m just speculating here, but I think the words “Heeeey Boo-Boo” will be enough of a hint to narrow the field down without putting myself at risk, watching the trailer on t.v. with that oh so clever mix of live action and animation made me, how do they say that? Oh yeah, throw up in my mouth. And then there’s that subtle homo-erotic relationship between Yogi and Boo-Boo?  All that’s needed is for Yogi to don a cape and wear a hero suit with nipples.

Boo Boo’s line: “Who’s been eating off my plate?”

I’m thinking this turd will fall off the charts quicker than g = 9.8 m/s² (metres per second squared; which might be thought of as “metres per second, per second” for the Euro Physics majors crowd, or approx. 32 ft/s² as “feet per second per second” for us gringos, if you get my drift. And you have to factor in that that it’s released without the added dead weight it would have if Will Ferrell had been on board, in which case in addition to exponentially raising the production cost, it may have exceeded the speed of light by the time it cratered.

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