Game Over, go home if you have one

October 17, 2010 at 7:35 pm 1 comment

It’s more or less a done deal, now that the former United States of America has become a fully owned subsidiary of the International Corporate Overlords that control our destiny, the same ones that are using the republican party some simple tools they own to jerk us around in ways that would make George Orwell proud.

Tea-Baggers, A.K.A. Douche-Baggers

Thanks to their brilliant yet devious game plan, the juggling of laws regarding disclosure of exactly who (and yes, thanks to the supreme court, corporations can be considered “a who” instead of “a what”) is pushing enormous amounts of election time money through the pipelines to fund the final purge of any candidates that oppose their plans for total domination.

Thanks to the brothers Koch, I now have the basis for a new term that I’d like to share. You see, the ultimate Kochsuckers (go ahead, just google that to learn just how quickly a term can be adopted to cover a host of evil entities) can be found in any group that refers to itself (or in a variant on the supreme court judgement, himself or herself) in any way, shape, or form to be a “Chamber Of Commerce.

Previous eh…….”Sucker”

Chamber Of Commerce, ah the acronym for that offers one an even more polite alternative to using the term Kochsuckers, just spell it CoCsuckers instead. If you want to be a little kinder, you could call them a chamber of horrors, but then it’s likely you’d pronounce “horrors” like the word in a term that you would call a room full of Meg Whitmans. It’s going to be a few days with no sleep for me until I’m able to drive that image out of my memory.

The ultimate laugh will happen, should we live long enough to enjoy it, when the white collar sellouts that have given away the keys and title to the country to the really big time money folks will find the truth in an old adage; “Capitalist is a name for those who will sell a length of rope to  a group of  people who will then turn around and string them up with it”. These idiots will find themselves in a situation much like those grand poobahs of ancient Egypt, they who were living high, only to be buried alive with their overlord.


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  • 1. lulu  |  October 17, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    This is a commenter to the NYTimes today.

    October 17th, 2010
    1:16 pm

    A world run by Conservatives would be a scary, dangerous place, sort of like one of those post-apocalyptic worlds that turn up every now and then in movies and literature. Having just seen “The Road” and “The Book of Eli,” the desolation and cruelty seemed oddly familiar. Then I remembered that I had been watching coverage of the Conservative and Tea Party candidates, and it all clicked. These are the people who want to dismantle government, and a world without government looks pretty bleak. There are no roads. The air is poisoned by unregulated industrial smokestacks. The water is unclean. There is no medical care. There is no education. Teachers were taken out in the first wave of destruction. Social services soon followed. The weak and helpless (and gay?) are taunted, set upon, robbed, and murdered, and there are no police for protection, no courts for justice. The bad guys are ignorant, cruel and cowardly, and lick the boots of their crueler masters while they dish out punishment to those “losers” who need help.

    The leaders of these ruined worlds remind me of the Tea Party candidates, because they share some striking similarities: the sneering sarcasm, the outrageous lies, the frightening lack of empathy. At the rate at which life is imitating art, soon we won’t have to waste twelve bucks to see the movie. We can jus

    (with the abrupt end I can only think he was eaten alive by Sharron Angle)


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