Funnier if it didn’t happen to me daily

September 4, 2010 at 12:33 am 1 comment

I got this link (below) from a friend today, and my first reaction was, holy crap, someone has been secretly taping my job interviews. I go through this crap almost every day when I have to sit through yet  another dog and pony show style interview with a new boy (or girl) wunderkind producer. If you’re a regular reader you know my often stated views on those who choose to call themselves producers, if you’re new here stick around.

Somehow, these “Producers” will never be able to recognize themselves in this video clip. Further, these same a-holes will always be amazed when whoever they managed to hire for $50.00 a day will drop out at the last minute, usually without even a phone call, when they find a job that pays $75.00 or  has a better lunch menu (yes, there are better places to get food than Subway). Remember this: Bottom feeders have no loyalty!

If you watch this video, everything that follows will be easier to understand.

A day in the life of a location sound mixer

The conversations I have to sit through with these morons are nearly identical, like they’re reading from the same script, using the same buzzwords as they try to get me to work on their great labor of love for nothing. Of course they’ll never actually come out and say that I’ll be working for nothing, they will say that my pay will be deferred and there will be meals and credits.

Here’s a note for you; in my over 25 years of being a location sound mixer on movies, commercials, documentaries, whatever, not only have I never been paid from a show that was deferred, I’ve never met anyone who has.

That’s “never”, as in not one single person has responded in the affirmative when asked if they had ever received a deferred payment or even personally knew anyone that was eventually paid. I guess it’s possible, just not around me. I was once offered “Double Deferred”, which meant that not only was I not getting paid, I was not getting paid twice as much.



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To the producers of “The Expendables” W.W.J.D. You Ask?

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  • 1. Michael Taylor  |  September 18, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    I know one guy — a juicer at the time — who finally got paid on a deferred deal from working on “Phantasm.” It was a long wait, but eventually he got a check for something like seven grand.

    Presumably others on the crew were also paid — but that’s one crew on one film over 33 years in the biz.

    Love the concept of “double deferred,” though. The guy who thought that one up really ought to be in politics…


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