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Happy “B” day to ms. queen “B”

Well Jeannie (a.k.a. ex # 2), it’s your birthday tomorrow, and that’s why I’m celebrating today, knowing that you’re stewing in your own juices because of your internal angst over being another year older after midnight tonight. Actually, it’s after 9 p.m. here, so bingo, you’ve hit it! I should have started this earlier.

So what does is it feel like being a fat assed 55 in Greenfield these days? Are you still married to Mr. Bank Account # 3, or have you already strip mined all of  his financial world and moved on to the next one?

For someone who’s main claim to fame is being able to suck start a Harley, you’ve certainly done well, and to give the devil her due, you went far above (and below) all expectations in practicing your craft. The prodigious sweating you do and your dermographia enhance the process, but your gurgling sounds are just the icing on the cake, or a perhaps a pearl necklace if you will.

And just to clarify, that’s not at all what the “B” in the subject line refers to, if it did I’d have written “Happy BJ day”. No, it’s for a word that’s similar to the “Birth” in birthday with the same number of vowels and consonants, just flipping the order around of two letters and┬áchanging one of them.

This is not soduku, someone must be able to figure it our even if there’s no prize involved.

So, for your birthday, (eh, that’s number 55 isn’t it?) I wish you a long life, a really, really long one where you have time to think about your life.


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