CES La(s) Ve(gas), Baby!

January 11, 2010 at 4:52 am 1 comment

I had a dream job literally dropped into my hands, I got a call for employment that would pay me to work in Las Vegas. More specifically, it paid me to go to the Consumer Electronics Show!

That’s CES to you, plebes….

Then the reality hit me up, I had to stay at the, in my humble and law suit preventing opinion, worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at in when in Las Vegas, the “Monte Carlo”. That is to say, an over hyped very tall Motel-6 located on that always charming Flamingo Blvd.

The joy started on check in, where I was informed that yes, the company I was working for had pre-paid the room rate, but I had to kick in another $9.50 (actually $10.64 for the tax on a tax) for a “resort tax” that wasn’t mentioned to the uber efficient staff at the company I was working for. Note, this is a company that won’t be named here as I’d like to go on working for them. After all, they paid my way into CES.

Soon after arriving at my tight little 16th floor aerie, I found that my always wonderful powerbook wouldn’t log into the wi-fi choices that showed up. Calling room service, I found that they don’t offer wi-fi above the 14th floor, and further, they couldn’t promise that a move to a lower floor would get me the wireless I craved. I could, however, use the built in pull out CAT cable, except I’d have to pay them $14.95 a day for the honor.

So, I turned on their small, previous century vintage CRT tv, only to find that it boots directly into their directory for the porn channels selection. Considering that otherwise there were only a few crappy, local non-porn channels that I could choose from, it almost became a viable choice.

Remember my Motel-6 comparison shown above? Well, they give  you  internet access for free. And often, HBO or some other (+/-) non-porn channels as well.

It got worse after that, so I’m forced to fess up and say that I toughed it out, left my quarters, and hit the casino to rid myself of a surplus of my supply of pocket style quarters.

Oh yeah, CES was… eh…, interesting, and I scored some major league sort of bling. More on that to be added soon.


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I Finally Set My T.V. Free Stalking Monsanto’s Dr. Mengele

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  • 1. Mike  |  January 13, 2010 at 12:54 am

    Off topic, but I really liked your point in your comment about google on the nytimes site.

    That is a good analogy. Independent of one’s views on Afghanistan, I think the responsible thing for Google to do is to stay in China and look try to protect activists email accounts and try to be a force for change by supporting freedom of speech and information even if it is unable to run an uncensored search engine.


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