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Hey, join the march to improve the business world and the government’s financial outlook, and we can do it by reducing the cost of doing business today.


This involves some basic logic, which means that none of this is likely to ever happen, but it would be at least a small step on that slippery route to a cure.


Discontinue all these paid days off on holidays.

Yep, it’s just that simple, here are a few examples:

If the government or business leaders want to take time off, or give their personnel time off, let’s say for president’s day at full pay, well great for them. But if they or their employees can’t prove that they spent at least half of the length of their normal workday in repose on that day off thinking about the creative accomplishments of our various past presidents, there’ll be no pay for that day.


Same for Christmas, you’ll just need to provide receipts for gifts or donations to the needy (as if it would be hard to find such people now), and you would be allowed an hour off with pay for each 1/8th of that donation. Of course, that’s only if your donations or the use of that  time could be proven in an audit.


Don’t forget that receipt book!

Martin Luther King day? Just provide a documented time log that shows how many hours you spend mentoring or teaching in an urban community in need and then you will get paid for those hours at your normal base rate.

george gets down

Mentoring the locals…

I’m sure with very little effort you could figure ways this process could be applied to any of the gifts of money for nothing that get doled our each year on so many holidays to a nations working people.


Or to most of our fatcat lawyers and politicians.


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