Dear Sag-sters…..

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Meanwhile, back on the set…


Speaking entirely without a single bit of authorization of any sort from my fellow independent film and video crew folks, or any others that toil daily in the entertainment industry, I’d like to thank all of you voters in SAG for your gift of what to this date amounts to nearly a years vacation.


But next time, however, perhaps you could find a way to work it out so it’s going to be a paid vacation for those of us who do not receive residuals at all. You know, the folks who get a job and work on that show one time, and then are paid once for that one time, and that’s it.  Of course, you could have agreed to that (pretty much the same) contract offer about a year ago and not missed out on all that work, but that’s just so much water under a bridge. And if someone decides that bridge is going to be shown in a feature film, it’s likely to be one located in New Zealand or Canada, or…….Ah, but I digress…….

mickey minnie

Most of those of us who continue to work in “The Business” in this manner have somehow found a way to pay our bills and exist, and those who can’t manage to make a living doing this simply have had to go out and find another occupation. Perhaps that’s something to think about for the 95% or so of your members who only work a day or two a year in their craft, and yet still put “actor” as their profession on their tax return.

I’d be happy to hear that members of SAG will no longer be allowed to vote on decisions that affect so many if they earn less than, oh, let’s say at least five percent of their total annual income from acting.

That’s not going to ever happen, but I’d be happy to hear it.

I’m just saying……


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