Still Worried?

January 18, 2009 at 3:40 am 4 comments

I am, and I follow the news…..

Going back a few months in an earlier post, I had expressed concern that there might be an “October Surprise” from the Bush Crime Family, and that of course includes Uncle Dicky “Fester” Cheney. If this were to happen, they would do away with the election, and using emergency war powers, allow the worthless one to remain past his time to leave. As for me, I think his time to leave was a month or two before he was handed the office of president by the Supreme Court, but I digress.

Well, here we are with only a day or two before the inauguration of the new and improved president, and the exit wound (that’s my kindest term for Bush leaving office) happens. Having stripped the country of any source of pride,  Bush 43 moves on to live in his dream world where he did nothing wrong and everyone conspired against him. 

So here we are, down to the wire, and with the whole world watching we have to fear that the master of instilling fear doesn’t go 51/50 on us and call in favors from the Christian right wingers (no pun intended) that make up the command level of the Air Force in the form of an “accidental” air strike or other incident during the inauguration. 


By the way, when I was in the Air Force, Broken Arrow was the term for an “incident” involving an aircraft with nukes aboard.


The combination of that title with parts of the plot of a movie called “Black Sunday” could lead one to an interesting scenario in the sky above Washington D.C.


Yeah, you can bet I’m sweating it, I’m hoping I’m wrong, and that’s no joke.


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  • 1. Arby  |  January 30, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    You were wrong. Barak Obama is president of the U.S. There was no overthrow by those in office.

    FORMER President Geo. W. Bush is in Dallas.
    FORMER President Geo. W. Bush is in Dallas.
    FORMER President Geo. W. Bush is in Dallas.
    FORMER President Geo. W. Bush is in Dallas.

    Super Bowl Sunday is in 2 days, Black Sunday it’s not.

    FORMER President Geo. W. Bush is in Dallas.
    FORMER President Geo. W. Bush is in Dallas.
    FORMER President Geo. W. Bush is in Dallas.

    Perhaps a plague of locusts will visit our dear former president. The EPA can bail him out.

    • 2. boskolives  |  March 8, 2009 at 7:21 pm

      The beauty of hindsight? It’s usually 20/20….

  • 3. Pablo  |  April 1, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    Muy buena
    Si señor

  • 4. Anonymous  |  November 29, 2009 at 8:14 am

    And now we have Barack Obama. Another worthless, unqualified, lifer-politician/lawyer President causing yet more damage to this nation. Ya, some people in the world like him. So what? While certainly more popular at the moment than Bush, Jr was, that doesn’t mean he still isn’t destructive to the country…just in a different way than Bush, Jr.

    World ‘opinion’ shouldn’t matter so much to Americans; of course is should matter some, but not enough to let it’s ‘opinion’ dictate the direction of our sovereign nation. They don’t live here, WE do. (and ps, we shouldn’t be interfering with the world’s affairs either, nor continue to be the UN’s “hired gun” world-policeman just because they don’t want to get their blue helmets dirty and deal with the tyrants of this world. Help the UN, certainly. But the UN has to pull it’s own weight too)

    Obama was certainly a historic President and that will be memorable and worth admiring, but beyond that he’s another empty suit overall. He’s a one-termer. Too bad Bush wasn’t also. :/
    This right vs. left, Dem vs Repub. nonsense has got to stop. It’s wreaking havoc on our Reoublic and our people.

    My 15 cents. (hope they were read through the lense of passion, not anger) 😉


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