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Save This Link!!!

   This is a link that will take you to a site with direct contact numbers that will help you to reach real human beings at customer service (I’ve never heard of a more mis-named place) locations that usually only offer an endless loop of prompts to keep you from actually talking to someone about your problem with the company.


   Also included are brief  instructions to get past the first hurdle when you call, most of which involve repeatedly pushing the “O” button. 

The list is broken down into sub-sections that will help you find the way to contact the “help” person at many of the most common problematic companies we have to deal with. It’s American in nature, but may help some people in Canada or other spots around the globe that have a problem with one of our world wide corporate conglomerates.

What I missed at first are the links to e-Mail addresses and web sites also provided by some of the places that you have to deal with on so many occasions, telecoms, financial institutions, product manufacturers, etc…  Scan down the list and see if you find any that you wish you could have complained to the last time that they ignored your problems, before you knew how to get past the “Push 1” for …….., which usually just kept you pushing different numbers and spinning in place until you gave up.

Hmmm, maybe that was their goal?    Ya think?

AT+T ring a bell?   Or, perhaps not ring your (phone) bell?

I’ve had no spam or malware cookies planted on my computer, of course your milage may vary, especially if you’re using Internet Explorer or another bloated virus magnet type browser, and a non-Mac computer. 

Good luck!!!

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