October Surprise? Hey, it’s still September.

September 25, 2008 at 6:52 pm 1 comment

And, perhaps unintended by Kkkarl Rove, this financial melt down might just be the “big one” that shakes off the last 20 percent or so of morons that still believe in the myth of the conservative republican government being the cure-all fix-all for America.

How did this economic disaster manage to flounder to the surface from the depths of nowhere?  The easy and simple answer is that it didn’t just sneak up on the modern world unannounced, warning signs were everywhere if one chose to see them, and ignore Bush’s statements about our very sound economy.

Warren Buffet saw it coming at least a year ago and took steps to keep his money, eh… Buffered.

The funniest, in a really sad way, comment so far was made yesterday by Ben Bernanke, when the Los 
Angeles Times quoted him:

“…. I believe that if the credit markets are not functioning that jobs will be lost, the unemployment rate will rise, more houses will be foreclosed upon….”.

Well here’s a news flash and some basics for you Mr. Bernanke….. The foreclosure rate is already at an all time high, and jobs have already been lost in record numbers. And yes, whenever jobs are lost the unemployment rate will rise, that’s not exactly rocket science there Benny. 

More to write when I calm down, I don’t want that throbbing vein in my forehead to splatter blood all over my clean carpet. Check back later today.

Here’s a link for this page should you like to forward it to either someone you care about, or perhaps someone you’d like to piss off, whichever one happens to apply:



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  • 1. beejay  |  September 26, 2008 at 1:50 am

    Too funny! NOT! I guess the bottom line is, we live in a nation populated by ostriches. The head ostrich lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. How Bush got reelected for a second term, I’ll never know. Funny my brother puts me down for voting democrat. There have been years where I felt like my vote wouldn’t make a difference but, I voted anyway because I remember that the democrat running was always the lesser of the two evils. If McCain wins I may throw my self on the mercy of our Canadian neighbors and beg for asylum.

    Hey how about the B.S. that our illustrious governor has been pulling lately? Lowering pay to the minimum wage until a state budget is approved. How wacked out is that logic?


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