New, improved, and still no calories….

September 14, 2008 at 6:24 am 2 comments

This is a new and improved version of my previously published list of sites for sore eyes, with several added (at the top of the list) web sites that are just plain great to read.

Got some time to kill?

Warning, you might will need to think a bit on some of these, especially xkcd and Jesus and Mo. I’m not responsible for damage to your keyboard by liquids blown out of your nose, so I’d advise you to not be drinking (especially milk, that dried up stink will stay with you for days) whilst viewing these.

So, in (some will say) no particular order:


The Book of Biff

Admittedly Funny  We The Robots

Diesel Sweetie     Tooth Paste For Dinner

XKCD Comics   PBF Comics   Jesus and Mo

Ted Rall    Questionable Content

Dilbert   Nonsequitur   Get Fuzzy

Bloom County  Frank & Ernest

And of course:

Pearls Before Swine  &  Calvin And Hobbes


As always, your suggestions for additional sites of a similar nature are welcome,

just click on the “add comment” link just below this.

Here’s a link for this page should you like to forward it to either someone you care about, or perhaps someone you’d like to piss off, whichever one happens to apply:



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